Architectural Improvement Application

Please complete the following form as well as submit the following information.

  • Architectural drawing such as: survey, plat or plot showing your entire lot with any potential easement areas for the proposed improvements with its location in relation to the dwelling and lot boundaries.
  • A photo or sales sample with a description of materials, including color and dimensions.
  • Witnessed and signed authorization letter from adjoining homeowner(s) if the improvement plans connect to a neighboring fence or structure.
  • Homeowner must obtain all required permits with the City and/or County prior to beginning project.
  • The homeowner is responsible for surveying their property to ensure that the placement and installation of the project are completed on the requested property. If the requested structure inappropriately exceeds the property line(s) onto an adjoining area, the installing homeowner has the full financial responsibility to have it corrected and moved.

Note: A building permit and inspection may be required by your municipality codes department

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